Inside out

Personal image consultancy services

“Success is in the mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.” - Dr Joyce Brothers

Right or wrong today’s society is easily convinced by appearance. At Stepstones we guide the person in their journey of self-discovery from being a blip in the back ground to a confident person reflecting their inner beauty.

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Image Impact

Enterprise image management services

A company's public image is the sum of the interpretations of the key stake holders. 

When the public perception is favorable and the company’s image is positive then its products and services are perceived to be of high quality and reliability. At Stepstones we address this perception and the assist companies in creating the right impact.

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Campus to corporate

Graduate employability - Institutions role

Employability is the natural result of a technical education.

It is essential that the graduate recognizes the application of the technical education. This will happen only during frequent industry- academic interaction. We at Stepstones provide workshop modules for institutions to introduce the students to industry practice. 

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The Job seeker’s toolbox

Career jet module for young professionals

Do you want to get the job you want ? Then stop being a clone. 

Have you become a job-hunting machine in a market where you’re competing against thousands of competent candidates exactly like you ? Some companies hire clones and are paying the lowest wage to do only the simple tasks. Do not become this clone. 

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